The scissor arches are a famous feature of Wells Cathedral however in this view of the Nave I have attempted to also show it’s size and, by removing the distraction of colour, emphasise the grandeur of it’s soaring arches.

I used my Canon EOS 6D fitted with a EF24 – 105mm f4 lens set at 35mm. To ensure detail was retained in all areas I made five exposures, with the shutter speeds spaced from 1/40th to 1.3 seconds. The camera was mounted on a tripod and each exposure was made at ISO200 and f8. These five exposures were combined into one image using Adobe Lightroom’s HDR feature to reduce the contrast range and thereby retain detail in both highlights and shadow areas. Lens distortion was corrected using Lightroom’s Lens Correction feature whilst the converging verticals in the resulting single image were removed using the Transform facility within Adobe Photoshop. Finally minor selective tone, colour, and exposure modifications were completed in order to reproduce this rendition.


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