CliffsLandscape with Figures

I suppose that if a picture needs a title to point you at its pertinent feature then it can be said to have failed, so maybe this one fails at this size, however I do feel that the two people were very important to provide the sense of scale.

I had positioned myself in a rather precarious position on the very edge of a rock ledge, I remember holding my tripod just in case it decided to take my camera for a swim. My attention was suddenly taken by the conversation between the two people that you see on the cliff top, that carried across on the evening air. She was cautioning him not to get any closer to the edge lest he fell over whilst he explained that he wished to see what lay below. I was relieved that he didn’t!

Cliffs of Moher, County Claire, Ireland.

Olympus OM4 fitted with an 18mm Cosina lens, probably at f11


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