Fisherman’s Hut

This derelict fishermen’s hut, built over Salmon Creek at Cong in County Mayo, Ireland provides the centre of interest here. The monks from the nearby abbey built it many years ago with a hole through its floor to allow fishing in reasonable comfort in all weathers. Since the building had a chimney and associated fireplace, one could imagine that it would be a coveted job in wintertime.

Taken on a Mamiya 330s medium format twin lens reflex tripod mounted camera fitted with a 55mm lens and opaque red 820nm filter. Exposure was about 8 seconds at f22 onto Maco IR820c infrared film, which was developed in Prescysol. Even this extended exposure resulted in a very thin negative which was a challenge to print from,

Of interest is the fact that the weather that day was of heavy overcast sky with very heavy rain, making our golf umbrella an essential accessory; not weather you would normally associate with the use of infrared film.

The original print was made on Kentmere silver gelatin warm tone paper, gold toned to cool the image.



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