untitledPhotography has been good to me over the years, it has provided me with an absorbing, if at times frustrating pastime, which on an agreeable journey through life has introduced me to many friends; none forgotten.

To those whom I have been fortunate to rub shoulders with along the way, thank you for your company, I hope some of these photographs spark happy memories for you just as they do for me.

It is only fair to point out that I do not usually see photography as a pure recording tool, although it sometimes is, rather it’s a starting point of a journey and an opportunity for my to explore and inject something of myself into the prints that I make. This may raise questions about the state of my mind but that’s a risk I am happy to run.Boneyard-5

It has always seemed to me to be a shame that we make photographs for various purposes such as exhibitions and competitions or simply for our own satisfaction, and then after the event throw them into storage boxes from which they will probably only ever emerge for their final journey.

This I feel is an excellent excuse to show a few of my favourites so that they remain accessible for those that happen to stumble into this site and wish to tarry a while, perhaps gaining a modicum of inspiration to carry into their work as they do or avoiding the many mistakes that I have made.

Litchfield col 2I have attempted to add relevant technical and location details to each image even though I appreciate that not everyone considers such information to be important, but it’s included should you want to refer to it.

Most images are hyper-linked, navigate around the site by left-clicking wherever you find the pointing finger icon.

This is what I do; your comments will be most welcome.

Additional content added on the 4th February 2017 😎


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  1. Very nice website presentation Dave, informative too.
    Your photos are always very pleasing to the eye and I spent a good while exploring.
    All the best.

      • Thank you David, I did meet you at one AGM 35 postal club, Your photos are excellent, one of my favourite is the canal one (as I work on the canal for 38 yr.) I like you colour photos. but as I started in B/W those are my favourite. Than you for allowing me to see these great photos. I am hoping that one day I will be a good photographer.
        john C.