Lady Chapel

Lady Chapel, Litchfield Cathedral

The windows of the Lady Chapel contain some of the finest medieval Flemish painted glass in existence.

First published in the journal of the Royal Photographic Society Archaeology & Heritage Group, spring 2016


This image was made with my tripod mounted Canon 6d fitted with a Canon 24mm tilt and shift lens.

Because of the high contrast range between the highlights and shadows I use the following procedure in an endeavor to capture detail in all areas.

Three sets of 5 exposures, bracketed at approximately two stop intervals, were made, one at full lens rise, the second in the centre position and the third at full fall, fifteen in all.

The exposures made ranged from 1/50th to 2 seconds at f11 and an ISO of 200. The shorter exposures capture the highlights such as the windows and the longer the shadow detail.

Each set of five exposures where then blended using the HDR facility in Photoshop.

The Panorama facility available in Photoshop was then used to combine the resulting three HDR images, upper, middle, and lower into one final image, a vertical panorama.

Local adjustments to exposure, saturation and slight cropping followed in Lightroom.


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