Serried ranks of regimented tombstones line the verdant, windswept hillside that is St. Mary’s churchyard; each blackened by generations of smoke from the chimneys of the port of Whitby far below.

This is a scan of a print I made on Kentmere warm tone silver gelatin paper. I captured it with a Mamiya 330s medium format twin lens reflex camera fitted with a 55mm lens mounted on a Manfrotto tripod. Film used was 120 Maco Infrared with an IR820 opaque filter and developed in Prescysol for 10 ½ minutes at 20C using the semi-stand method.

I remember that I was fortunate that it was a warm bright although hazy afternoon although the wind was a problem and I tried, with only limited success, to time the exposure between wind gusts. The bright light meant that the exposure would not have been too long, around two seconds at f22 and it was one of only two successful frames from this location.

This particular version was developed in Agfa Neutol WA paper developer and then toned in gold toner to give a cold tone as a final step prior to drying and mounting.

Published in the Film and Darkroom Yearbook 2010

Coming to a town near you during 2016, for this is one of eight of my pictures selected for The Photographic Angle 2016 UK touring exhibition: Monochrome



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