St PetersSt Peter’s Church, Stourton, Wiltshire

Adjacent to Stourhead Gardens.

I used a tripod mounted Canon EOS 6d fitted with a Canon 24mm tilt and shift lens for this shot.

It was an experiment to see what the maximum coverage could be for this lens. Three sets of 5 exposures, bracketed at 2 stops, were made, one at full rise, the second in the centre position and the third at full fall.

All exposures were made at f11 and ISO 200 resulting in an individual RAW file size of about 22MB.

Each set of five exposures where combined using Lightroom HRD. The Panorama facility available in Lightroom was then used to combine the upper, middle, and lower HDR images. Slight adjustments to exposure, saturation and cropping followed in Lightroom resulting in a finished file size of 152MB file for the 6000 x 6000 pixel original image.

Exposures ranged from 0.3 seconds to 30 sec.


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