Standing Stones

The Callanish stones are located on the west side of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides some say that they surpass the majesty of that other more famous southern edifice. It’s elevated position overlooking Loch Roag adds to the sense of drama engendered as one is left to wonder at the fate of the ancient people who constructed it.

We had visited this site earlier in the day only to find it overrun with other tourists, fortunately since it is an open site and because we were touring in a motorhome we were able to return around 8pm when we had the place to ourselves.

I set-up my tripod mounted Shen-Hao 5”x4” field camera looking towards the setting sun and fitted it with a 90mm wideangle lens to make this picture onto Maco Infrared film. I shot through an 820nm IR filter and developed the sheet in Prescysol for 10 ½ minutes at 20C using the semi-stand method.

This is a scan of a print I made on Foma silver gelatin paper that was developed in Agfa Neutol WA paper developer and lightly bleached back and selenium toned.


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