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Eight images of mine that have been selected for The Photographic Angle 2016/17 touring exhibition: Monochrome 

The images are printed on a flexable material that enables them to be rolled up for moving between venues where they displayed on self-supporting frames.

On display

“The Photographic Angle holds free exhibitions that travel across the UK transforming otherwise empty spaces into temporary galleries. The exhibitions showcase contemporary work submitted by students, graduates and enthusiasts of the art of photography, giving the public the chance to explore this fascinating medium which can be art, an occupation, or simply a pastime. 

For each exhibition, an expert in the art of photography is invited to select a new theme inspired by their own research, for which photographers can submit work to tour around TPA galleries throughout the UK. Work can be submitted to their website by visiting the “Submit to Exhibit” page. Following submission, chosen images are printed by the charity, at no expense to the photographers submitting them. New themes are chosen regularly, and exhibitions are constantly changing.

TPA is proud to be linked to the Royal Photographic Society, and in conjunction with it, is responsible for funding a bursary for work in relation to environmental awareness. In addition, the charity also awards a number of its own bursaries each year.

The charity is run by an enthusiastic team which is committed to bring photography to all levels of the community. The team is made up of trustees, permanent staff and our ambassadors.”


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