Three Bottles

An image originally prepared for a camera club competition.

These scent bottles, the right-hand one of which is about 70mm high, were arranged on an A4 light box. Black card “reflectors” were placed around and over the arrangement to add shape by way of giving the dark edges to the glass whilst a tinfoil reflector on the camera side helped even the exposure to the top surfaces.

I used an Olympus OM4 camera fitted with a 135mm f2.8 lens mounted on a 25mm extension tube, this allowed me to fill the frame from about one metre; this helped keep the cameras reflection off the subject. The aperture was set to f22 with the shutter speed left on auto but the Hi-light button was used to increase the exposure by two stops to ensure that the light-box base recorded as white rather than grey as would have been the case with the measured exposure.

The film used was Fuji Reala 100 colour negative stock commercially developed and I made this print on Konica RA4 paper under my Durst 707 enlarger.


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