This photograph results from an early morning visit to the monastic city of Glendalough in County Wicklow, Ireland; before the other tourists were afoot. This old tomb is situated in the cemetery close to the Round Tower. The weather was dull and overcast and not conducive to picture making but having travelled so far I though it worth a try with infrared stock.

Taken on my Mamiya 330s medium format TLR camera fitted with a 55mm lens and opaque red 820nm filter that was mounted on my tripod. The exposure was about 4 seconds at f22 onto Maco IR820c infrared film, which was developed in Prescysol 10.5 minutes semi-stand.

This print was made on Foma Fortizimo G3 silver gelatin paper that was developed in Agfa Neutol WA paper developer and lightly split-toned with sepia toner.



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