Tyneham Terrace

Time stopped for the Dorset village of Tyneham in late 1943 when the British Army commandeered it and its surrounding valley to form a firing range. It’s a sad place! The smell of wild garlic was very strong on the day we visited.

This image was made with my Shen-Hao 5”x4” field camera fitted with a  6 x 12 medium format roll film back and a 90mm wideangle lens to make this picture with Maco Infrared film. I shot through an 820nm IR filter and developed the sheet in Prescysol for 10 ½ minutes at 20C using the semi-stand method.

This scan is of a print I made on Foma silver gelatin paper that was developed in Agfa Neutol NA paper developer and gold toned to produce a cold tone that I thought appropriate for this scene.


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