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Waterwheel Remnants

This shows what little is left of the waterwheel hub and gearing that once was used to pull carriages up the inclined tramway on the Fowey Consols Mine near Luxulyan in Cornwall.

I have long had an interest in infrared photography, which my adoption of digital imaging has allowed me to expand in both monochrome and false colour work as here.

For this picture I used my Canon EOS 40D camera that I had converted to infrared use by fitting a 720nm internal filter in place of the original IR blocking filter. It was fitted with a Canon EF-S 18 to 55mm lens set at 18mm.

In an attempt to retain detail in all areas I took three images at one stop intervals using the cameras auto bracketing facility, hand-held at 1/45, 1/90 and a 1/180 of a second at f8 with the ISO set at 800. These were combined as an HDR image using Photomatix Essentials software so that exposure range suited the limited latitude of my printing paper. The resulting file was then worked on using Adobe Lightroom before printing.



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